• Google计划撤掉Chrome浏览器扩展“内联式安装”功能
  • Chrome浏览器加固修复幽灵漏洞:内存占用将多出13%
  • 52插件网将对一些老旧不更新插件提供外链下载
  • Chrome 67版本之后重新启用拖拽安装离线插件的办法
  • Google 向扩展开发者警告钓鱼攻击
  • 流行 Chrome 扩展 YouTube+出售后变成广告软件
  • Firefox 和 Chrome 下架流行扩展 Stylish
  • 知名浏览器扩展 Stylish 窃取用户浏览历史
  • 我爱Chrome插件网站正式上线运行


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  • 评分用户4357
  • 用户数量898,000
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  • 最新版本3.30
  • 更新日期2018年8月22日




✜ Price History charts
Price History charts for over 400 million Amazon products, even for different versions, colors or sizes of a product.

✜ Price Drop & Availability Alerts
Set up a price watch directly from the product page. We track any product for you and notify you once the product dropped below your desired price.

✜ Compare and track international Amazon prices
Prices for all Amazon locales are listed and can easily be tracked.

✜ We send you a price alert once the price of your tracked product drops below your desired price.
We can send you an email, Tweet you, send you a notification to you preferred messenger (Facebook and Telegram) or simply send a web push notification when you are surfing the web. We also have a RSS feed for all your price watches. Whichever way you prefer.

✜ Daily Drops, an overview of recent price drops
Get the real deals. Keepa finds the best deals every day. Find products with the highest drop in price in your favorite product category.

✜ Wishlist Import
You can easily import your whole wishlist and create price watches for every item on it.

✜ Customizable
Change the behavior of the extension the way you like it.

✜ Amazon Locales Support [ .com | .co.uk | .de | .co.jp | .fr | .ca | .cn | .it | .es | .in | .com.mx | .com.br ]

✜ Language Support [ English | Deutsch | 日本語 | Italiano | Spanish ]

No account needed. Just install and start saving money.

This extension does not add any context menus or browser buttons. You can access and set it up on any Amazon product page.

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